Overseas Linguistics Study Program

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Travel Term 2024

October 27-November 29, 2024

Join us for a one month Tibetan language intensive at Sera May Monastery in South India where you’ll be immersed in a month-long adventure in Tibetan language, cooking, and culture! The trip includes:

  • Colloquial Tibetan, Logic, and Debate classes

  • Weekly sightseeing and excursions

Sera Mey Monastery

Sera Mey Monastery is a prominent Mahayana Buddhist monastery located in Bylakuppe, India. Established in 1970 in South India,

Sera is known for its comprehensive Gelugpa study program, which includes philosophy, debate, and meditation.

Visitors can witness the daily activities of the monks, and attend teachings, pujas, and debates. The monastery also organizes various cultural events throughout the year.

"My trip to Sera was a highly transformative experience indeed. I consider myself wildly fortunate to have had an opportunity to live and study along side students who are still practicing in line with an unbroken stream of tradition that goes back millennia. My connection to the masters in that place and future masters still learning there, has been a food to nurture my studies and personal development that has stayed with me for the many years since my visits. It is an extraordinary place with extraordinary humans whose whole lives are devoted to the development and preservation of wisdom. I have been deeply blessed by my exposure to them."
- Ben Kramer
"Being infused by the monks and monastery was an inspirational and once in a lifetime adventure. I highly recommend OSP to anyone with a passion for learning Tibetan."
- Katey Fetchenheir


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