The Overseas Linguistics Study Program

The Overseas Study Program offers an extraordinary opportunity to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey, immersing oneself in the rich traditions of Tibetan culture by living and studying alongside a community of 7000 monks. Conceived in 2005 OSP initially began as an initiative to support the young monks at Sera Mey Monastery. However, over time, the program has evolved into a remarkable pathway for individuals seeking to deepen their knowledge of Tibetan language and spirituality.

Past alumni have gone on to become prolific translators, and pursued advanced studies in Tibetan and other classical languages.

Nestled in a remote settlement in the jungles of South India, Sera is situated a scenic two-hour journey away from the nearest city.

Accommodation at the monastery is modest and simple.

To be eligible for consideration, applicants are required to possess proficiency in reading Tibetan and must demonstrate a genuine passion for delving deeper into the language's intricacies.

Sera is located a 6 hour drive from Bengalaru Airport. Accommodation at the monastery is simple and modest. OSP Students should expect a rigorous program of language studies and are required to attend all classes.

Group sightseeing activities on days off are optional. Students will also have the opportunity to give back to the monastery by volunteering at the Sera elementary school for young monks. The monastery is located close to a number of amazing temples and heritage sites.

3 meals are offered daily, giving students the opportunity to spend time with Geshe Lotar, Ari Khensur Rinpoche, and the rest of the monks.

What to Expect

Daily Schedule

*Daily schedule will depend on the monks availability, and may change

8:00am: Optional group breakfast w/monks

10:00am-12pm: Tibetan language class

12 pm: Lunch

2:30-3:30pm: Tibetan language class

6-7pm: Debate class (3x/week)

7:30pm: Optional group dinner w/monks

8:30pm - Option Tibetan speaking practice or free time

Gen Norbu

Norbu was born in Tibet, and now lives in the refugee camps in India. With ten years of experience teaching Tibetan language and classical texts to non-Tibetans, he is the perfect addition to our program. Dedicated to promoting cross-cultural understanding and appreciation, Norbu is an experienced educator with a Master's degree in English and a Bachelor's degree in Art and Buddhism Philosophy. He brings a fun and engaging style to learning Tibetan.

OSP Teachers

Gen Yonten

Geshe Yonten is currently preparing for his Hlarampa geshe exams and has lived at Sera since he was 9 years old. An excellent teacher who uses humor and his knowledge of the west to connect with his students, Gen Yonten will be teaching us Debate.

We will be studying Lam Rim with Geshe Lotar. Geshe Lotar has been a monk for most of his life. First serving his teacher for many years, and then later as the Vice Abbot and Debate Master at Sera Mey. Geshela is sometimes lovingly referred to as Ammala because he has raised over 100 boys in his 65+ years at Sera.

Geshe Lotar


Students will have the option to either stay with the monks at Geshe Lotar's house, which will provide you with a lot of laughs, or at the Sera Mey Guest House, which will provide you with more privacy. Accommodation is pretty basic, though there are several higher end rooms at the guesthouse which come with a living room and air conditioning.

Trip Expenses

Trip cost is approximately $2700.

Price depends on choice of accommodation and includes room, board, meals, and one way transportation from Bangalore airport to Sera, as well as some sightseeing trips. Airfare not included. Certain optional sightseeing trips not included in price.

Partial scholarships are available.